Turbo Sluice Video

A youtube video of the redesigned Turbosluice creating its first vortex.

The body of the turbo sluice unit is a modified cyclonic dust extractor. They can be found on ebay and similar for under $20 delivered.

Ebay – Turbo Vacuum dust extractor

Clean up of gold is simple and fast. The turbosluice extracts heavy minerals faster than any traditional sluice box, ive ever seen or imagined.

This is on town water and pressure. The completed unit is self powered and will be a 2 inch (50mm) inlet for maximum throughput of paydirt and power. Also, if you can see the pink flash in the base is a rubber balloon neck, used as a reducer. For light Specific gravity material like gemstones and tin.

The gold drops down into the unit while the light material flows back into the stream bed. The end unit will run continuously and self feed.





The Turbosluice.

  • Outstanding gold recovery on fine gold to heavy course nuggets.
  • No need to shovel or classify.
  • No moving parts
  • light weight
  • fast safe eco friendly gold prospecting
  • Scientifically tested